NetNatives wall painting

I have recently been working in Brighton for the social and digital marketing agency NetNatives  (http://www.netnatives.com/). The brief they gave me was to create an image of a robot fighting a gorilla on Brighton pier. The robot was to have the colours of google and the gorilla was to be blue to represent twitter, facebook and […]


Gentlemen of the steam age

This is a self motivated project i did recently. I wanted to create portraits of Victorian gentlemen who where not as stiff and rigid as seen in old black and white photographs. This involved lots of experimenting with different shapes and lines to build up the texture in each of the characters appearances. I didn’t […]


T-Shirt designs

I have been really keen to design my own t-shirts for a long time now and have finally got round to doing some designs. I wanted to make bold patterns with lots of different shapes and marks. I think they are strong designs but i am not sure if they are all suited for t-shirts […]


Competition winners!

Its time to announce the winners of the competition i have been running for the last week and a half. I have had such an amazing response to this and its great that loads of you have wanted to get involved. I really appreciate all the support you give me with my art work and am looking forward […]


5 cities, 1 sticker

I was thinking about the friends i had living in different countries and thought it would be really cool if i could come up with a project to bring us all together in some way. An illustration that could integrate the different places and languages we lived in. I came up with the design below which has […]



I used a laser cutter to cut these images out of plastic acrylic  The images where from a previous project (http://www.andrewdenholm.com/portfolio/masquerade) that i thought would look really good as street art around the streets of Shoreditch in London. With the help of my photographer mate and some cheap glue we went off in search of some […]


Umbrella Objective

I was asked to take part in the umbrella objective project along with 20 other artists. We were individually sent large white umbrellas in the post (very confused postman) and given a open brief to paint our designs. The finished umbrellas took part in a showcase parade at Artfusion on 17th June and Solas Festival […]


Monster Shoes!

I recently designed a pair of shoes for my girlfriend Laura’s birthday. I started with a plain white pair of canvas shoes and with little to no planning i attacked them with a sharpie pen. It wasn’t the most easy process as trying to make them symmetrical was pretty difficult but i think it worked out okay. Laura seemed to like […]

Brew Dog

Brew Dog Competition

Design for the Brew Dog T-Shirt competition.

Skinny Magazine

Skinny Magazine

Illustrations for the Skinny magazine 2012

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