• hello, hope you received my odd little putting two people together earlier… via FB.. the lady came in and showed me your work on her phone to see if I stocked you! so killed two birds. Hopefully she gets incontact with you. Tourist wandering the old town… pic is her mobile number. ( sent to you on Facebook. Also, love your work too…. come for a cuppa if your ever up my way. Thanks Naomi Hare
    Lickety Splits Gallery
    6 Jeffrey Street
    EH1 1DT
    thanks. love when one things leads to another….

  • Hi, sorry to bother you but we would be really interested in buying some prints of your pictures of Edinburgh but would like them at A2 or A1 size and can’t find any that big. Would we be able to order them and from where.
    Many thanks, Neil

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