After living in London for a year I have come to see the people who live here in my own strange way. The different faces, body shapes and personalities are so varied it can be great fun to just observe people as they go about their daily business. I travel a lot on the tube network and often make up stories about different individuals and how I imagine them to be. The following illustrations are a direct result of how my mind works when seeing these characters. I wonder how they see me?

Sick Londoner, please dont sneeze on me. Thanks.
Heavy smoker.
Body builder, steroids can do weird things.
The underpaid and overworked Londoner
Fast food face.
East London hipster. Always pushing the boundaries of fashion.
The people who talk to themselves.
Late night party people
The scary guys, try to avoid eye contact
Fresh out of bed, early morning commuters
Is it fancy dress or do these people wear that all the time?


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